I bring 20 years HR and Payroll experience, since 2004 with SAP HCM. I have a strong focus on quality and client satisfaction. I have an analytical mind, and try to pursue the best and quickest route to the goal through an empathic and collaborative approach.

Experienced in (SAP) HR-software implementations: from the initial inventory of systems and processes, the actual building, change management, extensive testing and conversion, data cleansing and data quality management, end-user training and post-implementation support. Experience and broad knowledge in SAP HR are my key qualities. I am able to communicate at all business and management levels.

Skills are hard to declare of one self.., I am a gentle, patient and hopefullly warm man, but I do have a strong personality at the same time. That makes me very suitable to lead and manage if required, but whatever role I have, I'll always be a team-member

Technically, I master the SAP HCM modules, and the tools for work that always comes around while working on a project. Programs like Excel for data analyses and other office-products. I am familiar with Solution Manager and some issue handling tools.

I am always fascinated by new possibilities and try to learn new things on a daily basis, because:

I love doing what I do.

HR core modules

HCM Modules

Travel Management


(Project) Management






2009 - present

TF consultancy


I started in 2009, when the worldwide financial crises was at a peak and the company I worked for had fewer projects. I hoped that as a free-lancer I would be able to help businesses to get the most out of their usually huge investment in SAP, in my particular case the HCM part.

The possibilities SAP HCM give for managing HCM, HR and Payroll through all of the modules available are truly awesome, and I enjoy working on getting the most out of it intensely.

Nowadays, SAP can be combined with new and exiting modules like SuccessFactors or third party software like Workday to get even better, and so is my joy in working with it.

Hereunder, you can see what projects I have been working on since this started.

Ciber, Netherlands

Ciber is growing fast in The Netherlands and Ciber Managed Services was short on a experienced SAP-HCM consultant to work with them on their existing clients. Ciber looks like a inspiring surrounding and I am pleased to join their team.
I will be working as a functional consultant on HCM, but mostly payroll.

HHS – The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague University is working on a internal reorganization to make their supporting departments (as HR) work better, faster and more efficient. I am called in to assist the HR administration manager in SAP HCM related matters like BI and payroll.

NIS – Barbados

At NIS on Barbados an implementation of HCM 6.0 needed to be finished with all the repairs, changes and fixes that would come about. I was hired to do everything: PA, OM, Travel Management, Training & Event, Recruitment, Talent management, Time. Data migration from R3 4.7 to ECC6.0 including data cleansing and mapping/conversion and workflows.
We hired extra help for Travel and the Kronos interface to meet deadlines.
I teached the staff in executing a test program. Designed test scenario’s and test cases for functional testing, data consistency testing and user acceptance tests.

Facilicom – Capelle a.d.IJssel, Netherlands

Facilicom was looking for an extra pair of hands and brains during the year-end and a major update.
I was hired as projectlead in ECC update from stack 7 to stack11, in conjunction with year-end project Payroll.
Design and execution of regression testing for this and future updates/upgrades.
After this was done I stayed on  for support and change request realization within the SAP Competence Centre, and did some  data cleansing and conversion for company units to be incorporated in the SAP system (LSMW)

SAP modules:

GEBE – St. Maarten

GEBE, the St.Maarten utility company, was using SAP HR and CATS, but wanted to expand the use with payroll.
Since St. Maarten is not supported by SAP for Payroll, the payroll schema had to be set-up from scratch, and without the help of function modules for country specific calculations. I set up a monthly payroll with bi-weekly cost reimbursement and overtime payments.

After all the hard work was done: overdue maintenance on the HR-side and data cleansing, the work on the configuration and calculations, I trained the HR department and initiated the user acceptance tests and parallel runs: system has been delivered with first 2013 runs done.

SAP Modules:

Nat.Ned/ING – Rotterdam, Netherlands

NN and ING, Rotterdam, Netherlands, were engaged in a process to split the two sectors, insurance and bank, in separate companies.
At NN, the payroll was outsourced, but the HR-department needed training and coaching in regards to use SAP HCM.
I supported, coached and trained the HR-department,  keeping the employees happy and engaged during this huge transition to a new SAP-setup.

SAP Modules:

TSN – Almelo, Netherlands

TSN in Almelo, Netherlands stood at the dawn of a huge overtaking and otherwise business expansion program and needed the SAP HCM-system to be prepared for that.
I performed a study on the way the system was implemented and made a blueprint concerning the needs and wishes from all the stakeholders and the fit-gap analyses made thereof.

SAP Modules:

Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment –  The Hague, Netherlands

The Ministry of I&E was at turn in a government-wide project to centralize HR-administration at a CSS called P-direkt.

I was hired as the teamlead. We set up the testscenario’s and scripts according to a risk-based program, performed the data consistency research and issued cleansing recommendations.  We also tested the data migration programs and later facilitated the actual UAT, coaching and training the testers.

SAP Modules:

NorthgateArinso – Nieuwegein, Netherlands

NorthgateArinso hired me more than once when they needed extra help in managing, guarding and performing regression tests after SP implementation for live-customers. I was also engaged in assisting with complex payroll issues or requests that the staff had trouble with resolving. Coached the payroll managers in getting these things rediscussed and defined, including deadlines  and got the various processes underway, thus improving customer relations.
SAP modules:

SaraLee – Utrecht, Netherlands

In Utrecht I had a great time supporting the SaraLee organization there getting more grip on the HCM and Payroll/Time management part of their SAP implementation.
The initial assignment was joining the support team for Spain and NL, solving PY and Time issues. Aside from that there was a team working abroad on change requests and enhancements, where assistance was needed in getting things done.
I took up the communication with the overseas department to clear things and got people acting according to timelines.
The HCM implementation was very basic, but in the organization, there was an urge to modernize things, while at the same time cost-cuts were imminent. I wrote a study on this and made a plan to take the existing implementation a step further to facilitate the cost-cuts and streamline the HCM-department.

2008 - 2009

ADP Global View

SAP HR consultant

I started at ADP Global View in a support role for the first year, and moved to the implementation team after that.

The support role was giving extensive tier 3 support for live-customers.
Solving issues and technical or legislative maintenance. Realizing changes and enhancements.
Consultancy in customer relations, technical support and service organization issues.
Training tier 2 consultants in Prague, Czech Republic.

Implementation-team member on SAP Payroll template  for Multinationals.
Air Products Germany: Design user acceptance test, training and coaching German consultants in test design and user acceptance.
Air Products Nederland: Implementation.

2006 - 2007


SAP HCM consultant

I left Lidl, because I have fallen in love with the possibilities SAP offers, and want to help as much companies as possible building awesome ROI when switching to SAP HCM. LogicaCMG was the logical place to go at that time; all the knowledge and customers were there.
After the masterclass, I joined several projects in different stages of completion. This is where I learned a lot; testing, user training, consultancy skills, and of course in-dept technical skills in the modules on hand in the projects.
My LogicaCMG projects:

  • TNT                                    Manager UAT and hand-over process  ESS/MSS – Time – PY – PA – OM
  • Min V & W                        Realization of enhanced methodology for the customizing crew (scrum-like) ESS/MSS – PA – PY
  • Sodexho                            Creation new salary-structure PA – PY
  • HR-BPO                            Functional design payroll template system. PA – PY
  • Schiphol Airport              Implementation payroll Tax-Free shops. OM – PA – PY – LSMW – Testing
  • Maastricht University    Testing SAP HCM implementation : Technical tests, data consistency tests, user acceptance test. User training, design and realization of user-manuals. OM – PA – PY – LSMW
2001 - 2006


Manager HR-administration

Day to day managing the HR-department ( 13 employees ).
In 2004 started with the implementation of SAP-HCM and payroll to a German-template.
We have been through the whole process, from blue-printing to live.
Project set-up, Inventory, project management, data cleansing, user training, change management, initial and final testing, conversion and loading legacy-data with LSMW. Transition management from professional services to product support.
Used modules: OM, PA, PY, TIME.

SAP HCM consultant

LogicaCMG Master Class, Rotterdam, Netherlands

In-company training, partly at the LogicaCMG training centre and partly at SAP Nederland.
LogicaCMG had a partnership with SAP Nederland for this training.
The whole SAP HCM suite was covered.

Payroll subject matter expert

Praehep, The Hague, Netherlands

Course in Dutch (fiscal) legislation related to payroll.


Philips Data Systems, Rijswijk, Netherlands

In-company training on COBOL.
I designed financial programs, accounting and billing for small-business computers.

HR Management

Business studies, The Hague, Netherlands

Business school on HR-terrain, “Labour and Personell Management”

Currently I’m on a contract with Ciber until October 2016

As things are at the moment, I will get to be available for new projects starting November 2016.
Feel free to contact me for assignments worldwide, except for war prone areas.

Jul 1st, 2015


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